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NBA star Jerry Stackhouse uses P90X to get in best shape of his life

by David Samra

It may seem improbable to some that a world class athlete like Jerry Stackhouse – who has the resources to spend big money on a personalized trainer and nutritionist – uses P90X as his workout of choice.  The very same P90X you can use in your home to get in the best shape of your life.From ESPN’s True Hoop
By Henry Abbott

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In a post on his website, Jerry Stackhouse says that he is a vocal guy.

The post is 3,000 words long, so that claim is entirely believable.

The whole thing is interesting — for instance about how the Bucks have been playing so well, the team dynamic and the ways in which Brandon Jennings is like a young Allen Iverson.

But honestly, the thing that blew my mind was the moment when Stackhouse tells how he got in what he calls the best shape of his life.

He played at North Carolina, perhaps the most storied college program in the land. He has played for the Pistons, with the magical Arnie Kander. He has played for the Mavericks, who employ nutritionists and have all the best exercise equipment.

Meanwhile, Stackhouse is an aging athlete who persists in playing a game that gets him to the line a lot. He gets banged up.

Put all that together, and don’t you assume he’d have an unbelievably refined workout program? I’m picturing spreadsheets, trainers … food weighed to the gram.

Turns out, the lynch pin of the Stackhouse operation is available from late night television for three monthly payments of $39.95.

I felt that after the All-Star Break some of the teams that wanted to fill their rosters for the playoffs would give me a call and I would be able to do that.

It just so happened that I got that call earlier and it caught me a little bit off guard. But fortunately for me I was working out with a high school team right there in Atlanta, North Gwinnett High School. I was going over there maybe twice a week and working with them, coming back to the gym.

I also got on this P-90X from this infomercial. I was watching the infomercial late at night and I ordered it in the beginning of December. I got in some of the best shape I’ve ever been in, just from doing some home training.

Amazing huh? I’d link to the website but I’m already sure people are going to start thinking this is a paid infomercial. I assure you it’s not.

In any case, if you’re a Bucks fan, I guess you should be thankful that Stackhouse stays up late watching TV. ‘Cause remember, before he came along, your team wasn’t even assured a playoff spot. Now they’re the talk of the League.

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