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Club Membership

by David Samra

Questions about diet and nutrition are by far what I get asked about the most. Everyone wants to know what to eat, how to prepare their food and how to make the time to cook. When I first started my P90X journey I really was clueless about what and how much I should be eating, even with the easy-to-use nutrition guide included.  I’d over-analyze things about my nutrition to the point where my head would spin – what’s that saying – paralysis by analysis? That was me. So I relied on my coach and made use of my free membership with Team Beachbody to access the membership message boards and pick the brains of people who had been through it, or were going it through it at the same time as me.

It became easier as time went by, but then I realized I seemed to be eating the same things every single day. I was getting the results I desired but I was tiring of the same foods day after day. My nutrition became a routine, which led to boredom with my food, setting up the potential disaster that I’d get sick of what I was eating and sabotage my nutrition.

That’s when my coach turned me on to the Team Beachbody Club Membership. It was a godsend. I now had access to some great benefits that would allow me to reach my fitness goals with even more efficiency. The discount on all purchases was great – we’re all looking to save money – but the absolutely best thing about the Club Membership were the personalized meal plans it provided. It made my life so much easier by really allowing me to stop analyzing what to eat and following a specific meal plan designed for me with foods I loved. I realized that my nutrition doesn’t have to be a chore, routine or bland. I was able to enjoy different meals all week with great tasty foods and not get caught in that rut of the same foods/same meals every day.

If you are struggling with your nutrition, I HIGHLY recommend that you look into joining the Club Membership. You’ll realize the benefits of the meal plans from day one. You’ll also get a bunch of other benefits which I’ve outlined below. Please take a look. It’s a great deal to help you get your nutrition on-point so you can maximize your efforts no matter what program or exercises you’re doing.  It’s only $2.99 a week, which is less in a week than most people spend on a fancy gourmet coffee or even bottled water in a day.  Well worth it, I promise you.

Join Team Beachbody Club today and get the tools, support, and motivation you need to reach your health and fitness goals. As a Club member, you’ll have exclusive access to all the amazing benefits of the Team Beachbody site. It’s not enough to just buy a fitness program. To get the best results, you need support, accountability, and a commitment to exercise and a healthy diet. That’s where Team Beachbody® comes in.

With a unique combination of community support, motivation, and helpful tools, Team Beachbody completes your total fitness package.

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