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Resistance Bands Upgrade

by David Samra

Enjoy more workout moves—chest flys, oblique rotations, thigh and butt exercises, and even intense cardio training! All for under $10!

Now you can do more with your bands…chest flys, thigh, and butt exercises, and even cardio training!

  • Sports Cardio Belt
  • Door attachment
  • B-LINES® Safety & Instruction Booklet

Special Features

  • The Sports Cardio Belt turns your band into a revolutionary treadmill, or use it for interval training to quickly raise your heart rate.
  • The door attachment attaches your band to a doorjamb so you can work out anywhere, anytime.
  • Plus, the B-LINES Safety and Instruction Booklet helps you get the most out of your resistance bands.

Your Price: $9.95

B-LINES® Bands Upgrade Kit Care and Safety Instructions.
B-LINES® Resistance Bands contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.
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