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Get Your Head Right

by David Samra

If you’ve landed here on Fit Body Network, you’ve probably already committed in your mind to making a change. That’s great and welcome to a whole new you!  Now, let’s make sure we get your mind into that place to push you to new heights. Just making the decision to start and commit to a new life of nutrition and exercise is a huge first step mentally.  That’s part of the battle – you get your mind right and your body will follow.


That is the mindset you need to get into.  Once you truly set your mind to something you will accomplish it. When you set your mind to something there isn’t anything you can’t do.  Sometimes this takes people years to understand and put into action. It’s the reason so many of us struggle to continue and maintain our exercise programs and our diets, but when you finally get into the mentality that you will do it, you will.

So many people don’t give themselves enough credit or they don’t think they are strong enough to carry out their programs; it’s the reason most people give up on themselves after they resolve to get healthy and get in shape. They set obstacles and boundaries in their mind so they are destined to fail; they make up excuses that justify why they are not staying on track.

One thing I like to do is write down my goals, list them in a notepad so I can read them everyday. I then write them out in big sentences on single sheets of paper with a Sharpie – one goal per sheet, and hang them around my workout area down the basement.  It’s a technique lots of successful coaches use to motivate their players and get their players to believe in themselves. Try doing this and read them aloud to yourself when you see them, you’ll be amazed at how motivating it can be.

See It. Achieve It.

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