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NFL QB Kurt Warner latest athlete to take on P90X

by David Samra

The greatest testimonial to the effectiveness of a program is the fact that so many professional athletes are doing it. These are people with the monetary means to have access to the finest personal trainers and nutritionists in the world to get into the best shape of their life. So why do so many take on Tony Horton’s P90X? Simple. It works.  Former NFL QB Kurt Warner, arguably a Pro Football Hall of Famer (I think he’s worthy), is the latest pro athlete to undertake P90X. He joins a long list of pros trusting Tony and his muscle confusion, including NFL QB Brett Favre, NBA superstar Jerry Stackhouse, NFL All Pro kicker David Akers, San Francisco Giants’ pitcher Barry Zito, Atlanta Braves’ Martin Prado, Stanley Cup Champion Max Talbot of the Pittsburgh Penguins, All-Pro Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, and so many more.

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