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Tweet Great article from Steve Edwards to keep your diet on track this holiday season. Original here. Good ol’ “holiday cheer” doesn’t always leave you feeling cheerful, especially when you can’t fit into your little black dress or fancy-occasion suit for New Year’s Eve. Here’s a simple 10-step plan to help make your New Year’s […]


Tweet People think trainers and world class athletes don’t understand where they are coming from. They think because they are fit and healthy and workout every day that they couldn’t possibly relate to their everyday plight of being overweight or their compulsion to eat even when they are not hungry. Well I am here personally […]


Get Your Head Right

by David Samra

Tweet If you’ve landed here on Fit Body Network, you’ve probably already committed in your mind to making a change. That’s great and welcome to a whole new you!  Now, let’s make sure we get your mind into that place to push you to new heights. Just making the decision to start and commit to […]


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